Visit to Kazan (program for Muslims)

Description of the tour

Welcome to Kazan, one of the most beautiful cities on large Volga river! It is a thousand-year-old city with rich and unique history, and it's a realy place worth to be visited!

Islam-Memorial-in-Bulgari-near-Kazan.jpgIslam is considered as one of Russias traditional religions, legally a part of Russian historical heritage. Kazan is the biggest Islamic city in the northern hemisphere and also known as Russian Islam capital. Ancient Bolgar Kazan culture was not only in contact with Russian culture, but also at times united with it.
Archbishop Germogen of Kazan wrote: "Many Rus-captives and non-captives live with the Tatars, and the Tcheremis and drink with them and eat from the same bowl and 31 married to them". The City of Kazan keeps the tradition of Tatars culture and friendship between Islam and Christian people. It was also chosen to be a start point of a mobile festival between Muslim regions in Russia and other States of the Muslim world.
The city was founded in the beginning of the 10th century as a fortified stronghold of the Volga Bulgar people, but no one knows exactly where the city's name originates from. The most popular legend about the city name origin is the word "kazan", which is the Tatar for "kettle".

During the excursion those who wish can pray! All dishes a halal!

We can organize corporate actions, seminars in Kazan for 3-5 days or more. The program can be corrected according to your wish! So please send us request!
Before or after we offer additions tours to Moscow or to other beautiful cities of Russia for any number of extra nights. Also we can provide many Options in Moscow: cultural show, Circus, Zoo, Oceanarium, Indian restaurants, cruise by boat and more...

Days of the tour

Day 1
Arrival in Kazan. Bus-walking city tour across Kazan

Arrival in Kazan. Meet and greet. Transfer to hotel, check-in.
Kazan is one of the most famous cities of Russia. Its history is linked with the Golden Horde, Khanate, Ivan the Terrible and the revolutions of the early 20th century. The main Kazan landmark is the Kazan Kremlin, an outstanding architectural and sacred monument, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO.
We invite You to sightseeing bus-walking tour across Kazan with the look of modern Kazan which has kept traces more than thousand-year history. One of the most important sights of our capital is The Kazan Kremlin. It was built on behest of Ivan the Terrible on the ruins of the former castle of Kazan khans. Kul-Sharif mosque was built in the Kazan Kremlin in the 16th century. Besides the main mosque building it includes a library, publishing house and Imam's office.
We will see the Old-Tatar Sloboda: Kaban lake – Azimov mosque - Apanaev mosque - Marjani mosque (18century) - The Tatar drama theater of G. Kamal. Stop in the stylized village "Tugan avylym" ("The native village" in Tatar) to take the brightest pictures and to buy souvenirs. Kazan posad: Bauman Street – TradingCenter “Koltso” - the most literary district of the city (Pushkin St. – Gorky St.-Gogol St.-Tolstoy St.) - Park of the millennium of Kazan - Svoboda Square - Krestovozdvizhenskaya Church where the miraculous icon of the Kazan Mother of God is, returned to Russia from Vatican by the will of the Pope.
Dinner in the restaurant
Walking tour across the Kazan Kremlin: the Kul Sharif mosque - SuyumbikeTower - the Presidential palace. Visiting of the museum of Islamic culture.
Dinner in the restaurant
Night in the hotel
Kul Sharif mosque KazanKul Sharif mosque interyer KazanTride center Koltso-Ring KasanStylized village Tugan avylym restrant KazanStylized village Tugan avylym KazanStylized village Tugan avylym interyer KazanStylized village Tugan avylym in KazanPushkin St Kazan
Day 2
Kazan. Walking on motor ship to Bulgar.
Breakfast in hotel. Meeting with the guide in the hall of the hotel.
Walking on motor ship to Bulgar.
Dinner in cafe in Bulgar.
We will visit the White mosquein Bulgar which resembles the well-known Taj Mahal. We suggest to make the original and fascinating travel along the Volga river to the most ancient city of Bulgar, you will have the opportunity to plunge into the historical atmosphere of the ancient Bulgar Khanate.
Return to hotel.
Free time and
Night in the hotel.
White mosquein Bulgar Kazan interyerWhite mosquein Bulgar KazanWalking on motor ship to Bulgar KazanWalking on motor ship to Bulgar Kazan viewTatar drama theater of G. Kamal KazanPresidential palace Kazan Kremlin KazanCity of BulgarCity of Bulgar near Kazan
Day 3
Hippodrome Kazan. Visiting «Bekhetle» shop.Kazan departure.
Breakfast in the hotel.
Check out. Meeting with the guide in the hall of the hotel.
We invite You to Hippodrome Kazan - Unique sports-entertainment complex of the European level. We suggest you to ride on the real old carriage - this is a beautiful and fascinating show where everyone can feel as the royal person. Excursion on the international horse-racing complex “Kazan” with opportunity to ride horses. The museum of a socialist life – a unique place where everyone makes travel into near, but already forgotten the 70th – the 80th years of the XX century. It is the kingdom of positive emotions.
Visiting «Bekhetle» shop, it is possible to buy the tatar national dishes.
Transfer to airport. End of the programme.
Kul Sharif mosque Kazan interyerKul Sharif mosque KazanKazanKazan nighthorse-racing complex “Kazan”  Kazanhorse-racing complex “Kazan”  KazanHippodrome KazanHippodrome Kazan


2 nights


Tour price, given in USD per person

Based on
3* 290
4* 360
4*+ 390
5* 420
All hotels are located in the city center

Accomodation in choosen hotel
Transport service by bus of tour class as per the programme.
Professional tour escort - certified guides.
Meal: 2 breakfasts + 3 lunches + 2 dinners (all dishes a halal)
Entrance tickets according to the program: Kremlin, museums, the river walk to Bulgar, the hippodrome Kazan.
All fees not included in the cost

The company has the right to change time and an order of carrying out excursions, without changing thus the general program of service.


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