History in Borodino by Retro train

Description of the tour

Wellcome to open-air museum Borodino, where the history of 1812 realy alive!

Moscow – Borodino – Moscow

One of the most important events in Russian Impure's history is the Fighting under Borodino.  The main commander of Russian Army of those time - Mikhail Kutusov, is known now all over the world.  The military history open-air museum is situated on the field near historical settle Borodino 110 km from Moscow,  where this event take place. Please put Yourself to the atmosphere of those times!

In this tour You can see historical places in heritage transport and take a dive into the olden times and completely filing the atmosphere of XIX century! You will enjoy magnificent views opening from your window on route.

Dates of trip: 23 April, 21 May, 12 June, 1 October 2017

Days of the tour

Day 1
Moscow – Borodino – Moscow

8:30 am – meeting with a guide at BELORUSSKIY railway station.
8:59 аm – departure to Borodino by retro steam train.
11:12 pm – arrive in Borodino. Transfer to war-historical complex of eco museum Borodino.
• Sight sing Borodinskoe field;
• Exposition «Glory to 19-th centaury and Victory in Borodino!», where the model of Borodinskoe field is situated. You will see the costume and equipment of 19-th centaury, portraits of generals, personal thing, medical appliance of the beginning of 19-th centaury.
• Excursion in the house of Maria Tuchkova, the founder of Spaso-Borodinsky Monastry.
• Visiting heritage village Doronino, where You can see how the peasant of those time lived.
• Soldier’s lunch.
Transfer to r/w station.
16:20 – departure to Moscow by retro steam train.
18:22 pm – arrive in Belorusskiy railway station of Moscow.
Rounds begining of 19 centuryRetro Train viewMundir begining of 19 century, Borodino MuseumMain gun Borodino Museum interyerLunch in heritage russian house BorodinoSitting class in trainBorodino MuzeumBorodino Museum interyer


Train Retro


The price includes:
• Standard class seat on the train.
• Lunch in heritage Russian house.
• Excursions in Russian as per the programme.
• Entrance tickets.
• Transfer r/w station - eco museum complex Borodino - r/w station.
The price not includes:
• All servises and fees not included in the cost
Note: The company has the right to change the itinerary keeping the same quantity and quality of services. Train schedule is a subject to change. The information about the exact time for train schedule will be sent to you 1–2 days before departure.
Waterproof clothes and walking boots are preferable.

IMPORTANT. The tour is performed in Russian.
Translator services are not included in the price and can be booked for 1 500 rubles per hour. In case you have your own translator the surcharge for his trip is 3 200 rubles.
Before entering into the any Orthodox Church, women are supposed to cover their heads, and men are required to remove their hats…
The national currency of Russia is the Russian Ruble, the current rate is about 55 rubles (fluctuations 3-5 rubles) per 1 US dollar…
Information for tourist traveling to Russia. For security purposes, it is prohibited to carry on the board of the aircraft in your hand luggage liquids (including beverages, spirits and cosmetic…


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