Our advices for going to Russia

  1. Before entering into the any Orthodox Church, women are supposed to cover their heads, and men are required to remove their hats. It is not necessary to take off the shoes during entering in Russian Orthodox Church, it is required only in the mosques. Women should not go into a monastery or a temple wearing trousers, short skirts, for this matter at the time of the visit long skirts and shawls are offered on the entrances. Behave in temples and monasteries should be modestly, keeping silence and not interfering the believers. Photo and video shooting of priests in some churches is strictly prohibited, it must be definitely clarified before entering inside.

  2. Using photo- and video cameras in some museums, national parks and reserves will be charged, but in most places it is free (in some places shooting is strongly prohibited at all!). You can always ask and pay at the entrance, and these costs are not included in the cost of the tours.

  3. Russian Cuisine – is a multi cuisine, featuring dishes of lots of different nationalities living on the territory of the country. Dairy and flour products, mushrooms, rice, cereals, potatoes, cauliflower and other vegetables give a huge variety of dishes. Also, in the major cities of Russia you can find vegetarian restaurants and cafes, including Indian.

  4. Russian cuisine is rich with all sorts of meat and fish dishes, so you should always ask - What kind of meat is included in selected dishes (chicken, lamb, beef or pork) or is it vegetable? The level of consumption of alcohol in Russia is medium, there is wide selection of beers, wines and spirits. The famous Russian vodka, which have many varieties, can become a souvenir. Buying an alcohol should be in specialty stores in large shopping centres not later than 22:00.

  5. Tipping is customary in Russia to give in the amount of 50-150 rubles for the service, for the waiters service – usually 10% of the invoice amount.

  6. Very few hotels below 4* level have the professional porters. Please be ready to take care of carrying your luggage by yourself. The lady can just ask (politely) any Russian gentlemen to help her (better to ask on hotel reception).

  7. There are several rules of conduct necessary to keep in the museums: Visitors are supposed to check in their coats at the entrance. Visitors are supposed to put special boots on their own shoes (if it is necessary, it is always provided free at the entrance).  Visitors are supposed not to carry big bags/ suitcases visiting the museums. Visitors are supposed to keep silence inside the museums. Visitors are supposed not to touch the exhibits and show windows.

  8. In Russia there are professional beggars, but there is quite a bit of them, they usually come to the railway stations, or sitting at the entrance of the temples. To give them charity or not  - this question is up to you, but it is recommended to control your wallets.

  9. The climate, microbiota of clean water and Russian cuisine are very different from the Indian. There are plenty of pharmacies in towns and cities, but drugs are expensive, therefore we highly recommend to bring your hiking first aid kit:
    -     means for the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders
    -     medications for the prevention colds
    -    iodine, brilliant green, etc., means to seal cuts, bruises, sprains, bandaids
    -     antibiotics, analgesic, antipyretic, tonic
    This list can be continued according to the individual characteristics of the organism.
And we sincerely wish you to look in the first aid kit once - at home, examining suitcases.


Other information

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