Our help information for tourists in Russia

Information for tourist traveling to Russia.

  1. For security purposes, it is prohibited to carry on the board of the aircraft in your hand luggage liquids (including beverages, spirits and cosmetic creams), flammable products (as well as lighters and matches) and sharp objects (knives, scissors, nail files...).
  2. Documents, money and other valuables should not be left in suitcases during flying and moving. Always carry with your passport and registration documents. It is advised to exercise vigilance, especially in trade points and railway or bus stations, and immediately contact your receiving side guide in case of missing. It is recommended to have scan of copies of passports and visas in luggage for quick recovery in case of loss of the original.
  3. The vaccinations for travel to Russia are not required. In the insurance case, follow the instruction which is indicated in your insurance policy. If you will call to other doctor and go self-treatment at other medical facilities. then the insurance company will not consider your case as insurance situation and you will pay all the expenses of treatments. All medical help for forreght peoples in Russia should be paid.
  4. If you are in a critical situation - immediately ask to send you in Indian Consulate where help should be for you. Immediately inform about this incident your guide and the receiving side on 24-hours available mobile phones.
    Phones of representations of India in Russia (in parentheses the city codes are):

        Embassy of India in Moscow                                    +7 (495) 783-75-35
        The Consular section in Moscow                              +7 (495) 917-19-35 (Russian)  and  +7 (495) 917-48-35 (English)
        General Consulate of India in Saint Petersburg       +7 (812) 272-17-31  or  +7 (812) 272-19-88


Other information

Before entering into the any Orthodox Church, women are supposed to cover their heads, and men are required to remove their hats…
The national currency of Russia is the Russian Ruble, the current rate is about 55 rubles (fluctuations 3-5 rubles) per 1 US dollar…