Victory Day 9 May in Saint Petersburg

Please find photos of Saint Petersburg during great Holiday 9 May 2016!

It is the Russian Victory of War 1941-1945 years and all Russian people are very happy on this date every year last 71 years!

Morning time 9 May 2016 year the military parades were in all big cities of Russia and main Military Parades were in Red Square of Moscow and in Palace Square of Saint Petersburg! Afternoon of this day important processions of "the Deathless regiment" were in all cities of Russia and in other countries of the World. Different people came to central streets with photos of ancestors, who were warrior of Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 years. It is our respect to them and our memory about great tragedy of Russia history... Evening time was organized many free music concerts in main parks and gardens, also grand final of this holiday was beautiful fireworks in all big Russian cities!

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