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Description of the tour

Optional trip to Moscow Planetarium Russia © photo Indigo-TourWe are happy to invite You in new reality - to the Moscow Planetarium!

You with your family or with friends can see stereo show in Big and Small Space Halls in Moscow Planetarium or you can visit to interactive museum Lunarium!

You can find many fantastic performances (time of the show over 30 min ~ 1hr, fixed time with fixed seats, not possible photo or video camera) about Space and starry sky on the dome of the Big Space Hall, which is screen of 1000 square meters for video programs with the most modern equipment.
Before these sessions all visitors will see museum "Urania" with many small and big meteorites, real models of the first satellite of our planet Earth and small model of the actual International Space Station, 3D globes of the planets of the Solar System and many other!
Small Space hall is nice experience, because you will see stereo cinema and your seat will change position of your body for more reality effect of the shows about Cosmos and Planets. Also you can see beautiful 4D performances in cinema halls (fixed time with fixed seats, not possible photo or video camera), find gifts and buy real Space food!
Interactive museum "Lunarium" are available all open time of Planetarium and it is same interesting for child and for adults. Directly or with help of team of this museum you can check some laws of physics and astronomy, you will study and understand many info about the world around you!

Moscow Planetarium open daily from 10 am till 9 pm, but both Space Halls are very popular from visitors. So please ask us before and we will book better tickets with fixed seat, fixed day and fixed time for the guaranteed visit to the unique shows!
Support of any translators no need for visits to both museums of Planetarium, because all comments to the exhibits are by Russian, English and Germany languages. Also some programms in Space Halls and in 4D cinema have English and Russian laguages, but some showes available by Russian only.
Down to the history:
  • The first craft Eath satellite was made in USSR. It was simple enouh  - it was the small bulb 580 mm,  83 kilos. It have been stay in the Eath orbit 92 days from  4 October 1957 till 4 January 1958 only. But all this time radiostations of over the world can exept the its signal!  And it was realy revoluteon and great event for thouse time!!!
  • 12 April 1961 Russian Soviet cosmonaut Yury Gagarin made first space flight. Gagarin circled the Earth for 1 hour and 48 minutes aboard the Vostok1 spacecraft. The rocket was constructed by Russian Soviet ingeneer-constructor Korolev. The model of this roket is setuated now on VDNH and everyone can see it (free) in VDNH park. It was the greatest event! The April 12 is celebrated as the World Aviation and Astronautics Day or International Day of Human Space Flight all over the World and as Cosmonautics Day in Russia!
  • The first cosmonaut left the craft in opene Spice was also Russian On March 18 1965 this Russian Soviet cosmonaut Alexey Leonov made the open spise trip in 12 minuts and 9 seconds.
Rates of Optional Tour Moscow Planetarium:
The rate
per person
adults/ pax
in group
Add payment per group
for booking
extra services
Adult $22 2  $180
Child 0-7 without seat $22 3-6 $205
Child 7-12 with additional seat $22 7-18



The rate per person
Add payment per group
The rates
not include:
  • 1 entrance ticket of foreign citizens in Moscow Planetarium
  • 2 entrance tickets in Moscow Metro
  • All currently applicable taxes
  • Prohibited to use mobile phones, photo and video cameras during show in Planetarium (in Museum for additional fee).
  • Suplement of group transfers to Planetarium and from Planetarium to hotel by car / coach
  • English-speaking representative service during transfer to Planetarium till end of show and till start of transfer to hotel
  • Entrance ticket of English-speaking representative
  • All currently applicable taxes
  • Any meal in Planetarium
  • Any Insurance
  • Additional transfers, except mentioned in the prices above
  • Expense of personal nature like tipping
  • Photo camera/ video camera fees inside all monuments.
  • In case on any currency fluctuations or amendment in local Government taxes, or any fuel hike, we reserve the right to adjust the tour price accordingly

Days of the tour

Moscow Planetarium - Space showes!
Gagarin and KorolevISS (International Space Station) Uraniya museum, Moscow PlanetariyUraniya museum Moscow PlanetariyUraniya museum Moscow PlanetariyMeteorits Uraniya museum Moscow PlanetariyBig Space Hall Moscow Planetary
Lunaruim, Space food and Cosmo shop
Lunarium Moscow Planetary Lunarium Moscow Planetary Lunarium Moscow PlanetaryLunarium Moscow PlanetarySpice suvernir shop  Moscow PlanetarySpice suvernir shop  Moscow Planetary Moscow Planetariy Moscow Planetariy


You can stay in any Moscow hotel or hostel, also this city-tour is possible for transit one-day in capital of Russia!


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