Russian honey fair at Kolomenskoe open-air museum

From mid-August through end-October, Kolomenskoye open-air museum is held a traditional all-Russian honey fair.

Muscovites and visitors have a wonderful opportunity to take a walk in the historic part of Moscow, and to choose a certified high quality honey directly from farmers. More than 250 beekeepers from more than 45 regions of Russia come here, bringing more than 500 tons of honey every year.
Only at Kolomenskoye honey fair you will be able to try and compare different varieties of honey. Perhaps, visitors of this fair for the first time in they life will see such number of different colors of honey - white, crystal clear, (almost colorless), all possible shades of yellow, red, and even so dark that it seems black!
Here are you can find fresh honey, which should be liquid and viscid, as well as varieties of early summers honey or last season honey. This  honey is more dense (like paste) or a solid (cut into cubes).
Russian honey is considered one of the best and high quality honey in the world. At  Moscow Honey Fair you can buy classic varieties of honey, beeswax, chunks of honeycomb, extraordinary mix: honey with nuts, chocolate, propolis (natural antibiotic) and beebread (to enhance immunity).
Honey in Russia always was famous for its healing power. The most popular is white honey - the best cure for colds. Buckwheat honey is rich in iron and is produced only in Russia. Clover honey is good for the heart. Acacia Honey you can eat even at diabetes mellitus. Forest honey, rich in vitamins from the blackberries and wild strawberries of the woods, is good for the eyes. Coriander honey is good to increase male potency.  Mountain honey is considered ecologically clean.
The art of honey healing - is a science in Russian traditional folk medicine!
Try it yourself - visit the Honey fair in Moscow and you will know that Russian medicines is not only useful, but also sweet and delicious!


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