Flight under Russia

12 meters screen  for attraction with special effects «Flight under Russia» will be adjusted in Zaryadye (Moscow historical region).

The guests of the park could fly under the city of Moscow; enjoy high north beauty landscapes and Siberian region. Everyone could perceive special effects, like flash of lightning or Russian Far Eastern geyser’s splash.

The project’s «Flight under Russia» opening will take place in  Zaryadye park - the historical region in Moscow center (not far from Moscow Kremlin) in 2018.

Special kind of aerial photography will be used in virtual tour around National Parks, preserves, mountain peaks and seaside creating.  The attraction’s visitors could see not only the computer graphics, but real natural beauties, as well. Virtual trip will included not less than 30 places in the huge country’s territory — the Far East, Siberia, Ural, Russian Extreme North, Caucasus, Baltics and central Russian region, including Moscow.  39 sits for visitors will be settle on special dynamic platform, which will depict flying effect. The visuals will be projected on  the sphere screen and will be accompanied by climatic and sound tricks.

The duration of each séance will be 7 minutes. For this time the guests could see all major attractions of reach natural and cultural landscapes of our country.

Zaryadye park connects many tourist ambulatory routes of Moscow. Besides outlandish plants, everyone could see interesting architectural objects there, in the park.  For instance, it is an ice cavern, where the snow lays even in summer. There are also a jour “flying” bridge under Moskva River embankment and glass cupola greenery (which is planning to be established under the garden hill, on the Philharmonic Hall roof) there.

The entrance on Zaryadye park’s territory will be kept free!  You will need a ticket only to the concerts and exhibitions, will take place in the park yearly.

The source: https://news.mail.ru/society/27041461/?from=newsapp


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